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Good talk with @DavidWestin regarding @Ukraine’s fight for Bakhmut, the recent Biden-Scholz meeting, China’s assistance to Russia, and how further decoupling between the PRC and US is inevitable. https://t.co/gB0XCX84KO https://t.co/M7bbqkPleL

@SenRickScott @DavidWestin @BloombergTV Keep that same energy when discussing Ukraine which you apparently support

“The one thing that we really need for President Biden to do is to look at going all the way to help Ukraine with what they say they need.” Former US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison discusses the war in Eastern Europe and more with @DavidWestin https://t.co/KQEvI1K943 https://t.co/hcz0gyIrZG

@BloombergTV @business @DavidWestin There is no stalemate you idiot. Russia is poised to send its troops into Ukraine and just waiting for the go-ahead. Let’s see, I wonder what his political inclination is.

Great to speak to @DavidWestin @BloombergTV today on Russia’s war, @ZelenskyyUa visit to Brussels, and Ukraine’s EU future.

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