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@colorlessorange @xERRH7aErXKgrzV @Riteshnowich @uamemesforces Peaceful city of Donetsk and Luhansk that 🇷🇺 took control of just to ensure Ukraine never got reformation or became politically stable. Plus it was the DPR and the LPR that shot down a passenger jet then claimed everything in the world to justify it shows it’s 🇷🇺’ will and not-

Ukrainian troops shelled Donetsk five times in an hour, firing 27 NATO-caliber 155-millimeter shells into the city, the DPR representative office at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC) reported.

the representative office said in a statement. In addition, on st. Collective farm killed a teenager born in 2006. Earlier, the DPR reported the death of three people during the shelling of Makiivka by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. RT - 16:02 https://t.co/ImgR1bMs7y

Russia: Ukraine, Ukrainian militants tried to run into our positions, but were met by artillery fire. Intelligence noticed the enemy, who was going to raid the positions of the 9th regiment of the DPR. When the militants landed at the forefront, our gunners struck and..27-11-2022 https://t.co/pMicp8Rlr9

The DPR tanks can then be seen opening fire, supposedly on the #Ukrainian positions. ➡️Watch https://t.co/WZWWg7dZok #UkraineWar #Ukraine#Ukrainians #Russia #WarNews #ukrainevideos

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