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@ReadeAlexandra Yes, that is because Crimea is Ukraine. Regarding the second claim about WWIII, it's simply absurd. You are just making things up to blame Biden for anything, and you suck at it.

#Crimea. Most certainly #Russian nuclear weapons in #Crimea. Unrealistic to think this is going to happen anytime soon. Some #US officials believe to give #Ukraine the weapons to defend itself. Therefore no #NATO membership? Also an absurd plan considering the escalatory talk.

@BringBackGulagZ @MapsUkraine 😂😂 don’t you think that sounds whiny AF? Like take Putin’s tiny cock out of your ass and really think about it. Russia had been threatening Ukraine - even took Crimea. They gave up their nukes and lost all protection from Russia. Joining NATO was GOING TO HAPPEN

@DefMon3 The desperation of the Kremlin bots is palpable 🤡. Putin setting the narrative to explain why Russia lost Crimea and Ukraine and Wagner about to turn east to carry out a coup. Getting spicy

The tanks are pouring into Ukraine now from many nations. That will help stop Russia’s planned spring offensive. For Ukraine to then take Crimea will require F-16s and ATACMS at scale. I’m confident they will receive those weapons by summer and liberate Crimea by year’s end!!

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