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In 2014, she signed a petition supporting Russian musician Andrei Makarevich, who criticized Russia's invasion of Crimea and Russian activities in the Donbas region of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian newspaper Pravda. via @biuk_tech

@anders_aslund Putin does not hide the fact that he wants to fight the West, and the readiness of the Russian army for this is a matter of time. Russia must be stopped in Ukraine. The West should not repeat the mistake of 2014 when it did not respond to Russia's annexation of Crimea. Arm🇺🇦now!

@PirateSkyProd @BMarchetich @TimophyElephant And Zaporizhia? Surely they won’t accept Kherson and Crimea being isolated So Ukraine hands over it’s largest nuclear power plant- does it hand over the city of Zaporizhia too, even tho Russia hasn’t managed to take it?

@IndigoDesChacal @AllenRob00 @SocialistMMA @Durglet They wanted to stop the Azov cleansing of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine and to restore fresh water to Crimea.

«A proportionate military response wd be to target an airbase or intelligence hub in Crimea, according to William Alberque, International Institute for Strategic Studies.“Α couple of strikes in Russia” plus a larger number in the Russian-held areas of #Ukraine wd be appropriate»

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