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@thetimes Cowardice is not a survival skill. Our response should be to sink the Russian Black Sea fleet and institute a no fly zone over Ukraine.

@onebraverifle2 @Cernovich @stephanegaddis How is we living up to our commitment to defend Ukraine in exchange for it giving up its nukes back in 1995 cowardly? Cowardice would be to appease Russia. I bet you want the US to be like Russia politically, you fascists do love your dictatorships.

Head of RT Wants ‘to Grieve and to Panic’ Over Ukraine Seething with anger, she recited: “Cowardice, willful abandonment of strategic positions without coordination with higher command, the collapse of command & control of the troops, inaction of power.”

@JupiterQuirinus @SecDef @DefenceU @oleksiireznikov Thick bastard who knows nothing about history nor do you want peace for Ukraine. Nice one mate. Even if you lived in Ukraine you wouldn't be fighting would you ? Cowardice fucker

@EuromaidanPress There is no courage like this courage in the face of Cowardice and evil. Eternal Courageous Defender of Ukraine.

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