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@Atlanticoncrete @CNBC I don't disagree that they all waste money ...but how much you think the war in Ukraine will cost and SENILE BIDEN passed a COVID package that was not needed and started inflation....he is an incompetent.. illegitimate.. disaster..

There are so many webs of relationships and lies on so many problems we face from Covid to Ukraine. Maybe we should just put the perpetrators all in jail and figure out their relationships and lies later?

@terrychristian I’ll think you’ll find the Small Boat s are coming here because of Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine and Covid

The #MAGACult won’t acknowledge that Donald #TrumpisaNationalDisgrace. President Joseph R. #BidenIsDestroyingAmerica’s misconceptions that the delusional #TrumpCult promotes. Trump, who killed Americans by ignoring #COVID, would’ve also handed Ukraine to Putin. Wake up MAGA.

@GovRonDeSantis Trying to make the COVID vaccine development a political issue and today’s comments undermining Ukraine and NATO are the acts of a degenerate unfit for higher office

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