Chinese - Ukraine Tweets

@BLM9803 @OSINT_Group313 @RALee85 It was participatory! It collected intelligence which would later be used against Russians in Ukraine. That’s 100% hostile aircraft. Once again just remember how Us reacted to a supposedly Chinese balloon.

@arty_burton @chenweihua Glad you agree the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine was a waste of time!

@nupoint21 @TonyHWindsor @LucyTurnbull_AO Your point is mute! I'm not really buying your propoganda. Google Chinese wars. If you think China is not a strategic threat with imperial visions in the Pacific Region more fool you, it appears you have learnt nothing from the Illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia or history

@blackintheempir They will keep this conflict going as long as they possibly can. If Russia is pinned down in Ukraine they cant assist the Chinese effectively when the US begins war in Asia. And Russia will need to take all of Ukraine.

@LindseyGrahamSC You’re comparing apples and oranges. Chinese claims of Taiwan is a completely different political can of worms. Also, not our business. Russia’s motivation to invade Ukraine is to keep NATO out. You warmongers are lying to us. It’s a dangerous path you idiots are taking us.

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