Chinese - Ukraine Tweets

@MikeFusco16 @Neener007 @stltoday Biden surrendered bases and $80 billion worth of weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan after he ordered his U.S. military surrender. Now Biden surrenders eastern Ukraine to Putin. Biden's next surrender will be Taiwan. The Chinese might even take it without firing a shot.

@WendyOrent @JeffDSachs Yeah, that speech he gave was quite some distorted rumbling. Blaming NATO for Putin's invasion of Ukraine, blaming the US for endangering Taiwan... like from a Chinese propaganda textbook

@bjckgtck You mean besides illegal gun purchase, hookers, crack cocaine? Selling influence in Ukraine, paid back with job on board of Burisma that he had no qualifications for? Taking bribe from mayor of Moscow? Chinese energy company bribe. He will be indicted yes.

4th of July has a shortage of independance said my friend @HeidiOrlick we know it's not stuck in the Chinese ports, perhaps the Russians are blocking it in Ukraine it's not only, the US no longer have the higher ground on human rights.

US, Russian envoys clash over Ukraine crisis at Beijing forum as Chinese experts call on major powers to control ‘spillover effect’ - Global Times

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