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@Mirtika4 @H8speechC @SergioVengeance @jdowning711 @liberal_ca @logicalcomicus @IlhanMN Corrupt president? Are you serious? The Biden family is in bed with China, Ukraine, and Russia! Figuratively and literally!

@marcorubio FYI, Russia invaded Ukraine a few months ago. Finland could be next. Are you a Putin ally too? FYI. There's no war in the Pacific but there are forces there. Putting more will instigate China and N. Korea. But the US is ready. For Senator, I don't understand for the question.

@DerekJGrossman @_JakubJanda #Covid19 was the largest military intelligence op ever. Now we see how #Russia tried to get good from this but now it's bleeding in #Ukraine. Soon there will be no russian soldiers in Far East and #China will get #Siberia. The second winner will be #Turkey. Great changes in 10 y.

Beijing has accused Anthony Albanese of threatening chances of resetting relations, after he warned China must heed the lessons of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

@business Almost same happened in Sri Lanka, where tourism was main source of foreign currency - today they can't even borrow it on worldwide market because of war in Ukraine. Sri Lanka was only first victim in 3rd world, analysts warn with deep consequences (China threat India).

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