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@DebDdrv @brithume Saying you know nothing about your son's business transactions with Russia, Ukraine, and China is a far more important lie that boastful, deceitful blustering about where you went to school and worked. That being said, Santos needs to resign immediately.

@IanCEmpey @GooRee @spectatorindex I'd mean US focus on China. EU had to spend more on Ukraine. It will impact US influence in Europe, and green light for Germany to set new direction for EU politics. It can also be difficult for eastern EU countries which want to push Russia out of region.

This country is going under so fast, our money is shoveled to Ukraine with no oversight, our debt is outpacing our economy, China buying up our land, using drones and it keeps getting worse with a huge surveillance balloon..AND ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT EXTREME MAGA??? 🤬

@JerasIkehorn If we give Ukraine what they need to decisively defeat Putin, the China threat will likely recede. So, Ukraine is the current threat!

Still wants to war with China though which is another avenue of escalating towards WW 3 and dude was literally selling Javelin anti tank missiles as well lol But he does put the Ukraine War supporting Politicians on blast. Albeit as a guise to shift towards focusing on CN - RUS

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