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Could not stop China or do anything about Pakistan but went out of the way to stop Russia-Ukraine war. Wah Gyanchand wah!!!

@Ali_alhame One view only Russia & China have been spreading dissent globally. You want to be their Ally just look want Russia is doing to Ukraine. You’re delusional as expected from a US hater

@JoseAMarcial1 @haven_taco China owns Biden. Ukraine owns Biden, Russia owns Biden. Any country that he took money from owns him. That's the funny thing about taking bribes

Regardless of where CoVid broke the US owns these labs in China & Ukraine etc ….. Covid leaked from an AMERICAN lab & not the notorious Chinese facility…claims top US professor described as 'Xi propagandist'  via

@POTUS Biden knows he can’t lie about Hunter’s laptop again. Dems maybe gullible but their not stupid. He & Dr Fauci planned to release another virus. So once again he could use his FAKE ABSENTEE BALLOTS. Except this time it isn’t in China, it’s in Ukraine. Joe got caught lying again!

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