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@josmarhiguera @Mu777777Miro @LChetgill @claudiohumber @InterferenciaCL @thetimes Ukraine is a sovereign country. Why on earth should it not be allowed by Russia to join the EU if they wanted? Should Chile still ask Spain for permission to sign trade treaties with third countries?

And the American left thinks Ukraine deserves to keep getting money and given refuge indefinitely. Chile pls

@Celine2019k @AndrewYang Why not, looks like you are able to ignore the atrocities committed in the Donbass by Ukraine. And I guess the atrocities committed by that evil Mr Putin In Iraq 1&2, Afghanistan, Libya, Laos, Somalia, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua etc? Sorry if I got the order wrong.

@taradublinrocks @ZelenskyyUa YOU’re a traitor to America if you assert US citizens have to accept the narrative of power. US has NO moral high ground. So stick a cork up your ass & don't pull it out until you're sitting on a toilet. #Chile #Nicaragua #Libya #Iraq #Syria #Iran #VietNam #Honduras #Ukraine

IMPACT will be at the International Forum on Migration Statistics #IFMStats in Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱! We will be presenting findings from our #Ukraine longitudinal study. 📅 January 26 ⏰ 2:00 pm (Chile time) 📍 Room Celso Furtado

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