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@ggreenwald @RepSlotkin @RepSpanberger @EvanMcMullin @CastelliMatt Have wondered why this wasn’t a bigger deal while watching the Utah race. I would guess it’s because both sides are afraid to truly stand up to the Military Industrial Complex. Both are in support of endless money pouring into Ukraine with no accounting.

@CastelliMatt If the Putin-loving GOP secures control, they cut funding to Ukraine, allow Putin to destroy the rest of an innocent nation, then Russia marches through Western Europe before we wake up and defend world democracy -- or die at the hands of treasonous Republicans.

Interesting new commercial by #Trump-backed group attacking #Biden for doing what @EliseStefanik authorized #NY21 @RepStefanik voted YES on #HR7691 Additional #Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act 2022 Copy @CastelliMatt @rynkowski_david @wait_kew

@CastelliMatt @MyNBC5 VOTERS!!! TELL EVERYONE!!! Republicans Commitment to America. -Crash the Economy. -Gut or eliminate Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. -Ban Abortion nationally. -Raise prescription drug costs. -Eliminate funding to Ukraine.

@wait_kew @RepSpartz #NY21 @RepStefanik said she will #StandWithUkraine as the #PartyOfTrump is effectively telling #Putin to keep killing Ukrainians. “We were assured that bipartisan support of #Ukraine in its war with Russia will remain a top priority” Copy @CastelliMatt

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