Capitalism - Ukraine Tweets

@Cointelegraph To get around Government sanctions who support Nazi agendas, like the West do in Ukraine or sanctions that cripple a countries economy simply because they dont want to live under Capitalism- which sucks the life out the poor and funnels the money up to the top 1%.

@SquidDiddly1989 Ukraine is now their Ft. Knox. Have2 launder the dollars thru War efforts around the globe (Globalization new slavery for Capitalism). FTX sure left a ton of normies out 2dry, 51 billion lost & this dude is galavanting around free & clear. Sinking housing market is proletariat 🥺

@DHFabian1 @OfficialSPGB @GretaThunberg Good to know that when Soviet Russia ditched Capitalism they stopped exploiting people. Even today Russia is only in Ukraine to save the Ukrainians from Capitalism.

@JoJoFromJerz We're seeing daily mass shootings in Ukraine too. It's high time American taxpayers stop financing both sides of the violence. Most violence is for profit and Capitalism is to blame.

@RedSkyAtNight2 @darraghbryan1 Fascism comes in many guises, as does Imperialism & Capitalism. The war machine is an insatiable beast & we've been feeding it for decades. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. How long do we feed Ukraine v Russia? How many Ukrainians/Russians must die? Lest we forget, as we do.

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