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@CNN You see America how we are being played they have this tweet right below your tax refund tweet why don't they tell the truth we're not getting good taxes this year because we're giving our money away to a corrupt government in Ukraine

Wagner defector sheds light on brutality in Ukraine | CNN

@SebWrites I shared a professional editorial cartoonist's work. I'm only saying that CNN made some very bad moves, including giving a platform to some others who lie. What's your explanation for their plummeting ratings? BTW, I'm very pro Ukraine as well. Very.

@CNN And stop talking about charity in all this covid-19 s*** that affects our taxes yeah American see charity going to Ukraine a corrupt government and their leader flying all over the freaking world giving interviews. What a disgrace sleepy Joe is

@CNN One more thing wipe that smile off your face. lik you're happy about something Americans work hard and our money is being distributed to illegal immigrants and a corrupt government in Ukraine. tell the truth. we're very disappointed

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