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Saw news reporting Ukraine war ceasefire is imminent in local media. They Quoted CNN on this so have looked into CNN to see if the source is correct but have not seen one. Most likely a blatant lie from the local media to pump the local market. So sick of the media here.

She only wants to stay in power to get rich (like Pelosi), cannot disrupt the establishment Dem. and Rep. They are probably doing it with Ukraine as we speak. She will wind on the view, cNn, or msdnc.

@CNN Brittany will become the Joan d 'Arc who ends Russia's war with Ukraine

@CNN So based on my understanding she was playing ball in Russia because they pay more than the WNBA. She had a weed pen (pain/anxiety my guess) it's illegal Putin invaded Ukraine and the US is not happy about that so took her as a political prisoner.

@nexta_tv All russian invaders must leave Ukraine now! All russian war criminals must be brought to justice! Russia must pay full reparations to Ukraine! #SlavaUkraini #StopPutinNOW @AP @BBCWorld @FRANCE24 @Reuters @CNN @NPR @nexta_tv

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