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Other things. Three defensive lines not two. First , second and third line On some areas line between second and third is good formation Fighting Line lr front line Backup line Logistical line And reserves line @CIA #Ukraine #Zelensky

3000 big force is too visible to enemy. Battalion is best for these modern warfare where optics are high developed @CIA #Ukraine #Zelensky

Other thing s 3000 is too visible and bigger command needed .. that's bad in conditions where optics are number one tool of warfare @CIA #Ukraine #Zelensky reform

@blackintheempir Obama lit the fire by permitting all these neocons to turn Ukraine inside out. Nice he left the explosion for later. Our CIA President

Brigade is too comfortable , slow,and less efficient and hard to handle with usually bigger losses and discipline and logistic problems then battalion or regiment. #Ukraine #Zelensky @CIA

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