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@fungal_22 CIA replaced Mohammad Mossadegh w/ Shah in Early 50s for UK's BP OIL to Steal Iran Oil Early 50's! In Ukraine Soros financed Coups= Americas, Middle East & Europe! Including Ukraine> Oil/Gas from Donbass Region leading to Hunter's job w/ Barisma Oil FRACKING the💩out of Donbass!

@CIAwatcher @TheQBall2 @fembrutale @asatarbair Bandera and the OUN Nazis conducted such violent pogroms in Ukraine and Poland, that eyewitness accounts are shocking. It's why the CIA immediately aligned with Ukraine to this day. #denazification #abolishNATO #ZelenskyyWarCriminal #DenazifyUkraine

#CIA need new scriptwriters She wants to avenge the death of Russian soldiers by killing Russian soldiers? #Ukraine

@catoletters @eclipsethis2003 Ukraine fatigue? We assumed Putin would have wrapped this up two months ago. if only the United States and the CIA would stay out of it.

Confirmed: The CIA is running Ukraine’s fight against Russia Now we learn that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been heavily involved in Ukraine as well, likely running operations there like the Cold War never ended.

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