CIA - Ukraine Tweets

@AGHuff @Jim_Jordan The CIA aren't exactly the good guys we convinced ourselves they were. Eric Cieramella attacking a sitting president as he looked around the edges of our corruption in Ukraine showed us that. Now they want to start WWIII. 🤔 #MilitaryIndustrialComplex

@SarcasmStardust Blocked for that?? She had a pedo CIA op, pro Ukraine war front man on her show...

@bfuentesNWWI @mimomarkets @DavidSacks @Abir2 The same jackoffs telling you to eat bugs, wear the mask & take the vax are the same ones who designed this crap since Stephen Bandera... CIA backed. Ukraine has ALWAYS been the most corrupt country in Eastern Europe. Zelenski's staff just ran away 6 seats of power. Embezzlement.

@dangainor @BowesChay Mind you, civil disobedience was orchestrated by CIA and puppet regime of kyiv used it as foot stool to attack minority Russian in Eastern regions of Ukraine. Russian federation action in any way was justified to prevent what would have been ethinic cleansing.

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