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@MKuefner Then, it is highly likely that -- "Ukraine's radical group" would continue bringing down the drones over the Black sea BTW, does #Germany feels abused, perhaps sexually, - after Norbert Lammert humiliation in #Namibia? Also, why did not you fly with @Bundeskanzler to the US?

@PewPewHome @amnesty @POTUS @Bundeskanzler @vonderleyen @IntlCrimCourt This #&@*+% b@st@rds. Ukraine will prevail and be rebuild as a free democratic country while ruZZia will live in poverty and dirt. #SlavaUkraini https://t.co/d39bdBzVzP

Russia didnt lost 200.000... Ukraine is projecting... Russia is winning in Ukraine. @NATO knows this, the Europeans🇪🇺 and @Bundeskanzler think they have been betrayed by @POTUS The war shouldnt last more than 3 months, and we dont war with Russia... https://t.co/vS5HkBIr0w

@NewVoiceUkraine Please @Bundeskanzler @diehlaviation send the pending IRIS-T systems and more Flakpanzer Gepards Please @POTUS send the PATRIOT and NASAMS systems ALL RUSSIAN INVADERS MUST GET OUT OF UKRAINE NOW #SlavaUkraini #StopPutinNOW #CrimeaIsUkraine #UkraineWillWin https://t.co/saHRpKWbIk

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