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I currently do a survey about the impacts of war in Ukraine in British people. I hope I can get as many Britons over 20 years old to help me fill out this questionnaire. Thank you very much! Download this app for free at:

Oh and there was Britons going off to fight in Ukraine too.

@SholaMos1 People were cheering the former PM in his bid to become a Churchill in Ukraine Spending money we couldn't afford to fight an ideological war Zelensky was telling Britons to stop moaning as they're paying in blood & we should cough up the money The economy did not collapse then

@johnmilbank3 She is deranged about Ukraine. I would agree with that. What she and many other Briton’s do not realize is that the Russians would nuke London before they nuke Washington or New York.

@nativ_truth @38veryspecial @TheCryptoLark If not Ukraine putin would be long time in London enjoying tea in luxury apartments of London city. Thanks Ukrainian woman Britons would speak Russian already in summer But I don’t think Britons prefer be Russian assholes, aren‘t?

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