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@oleksiireznikov @SecDef It's not happy independence day for Britain. The US stole the country from the British. Just like Russia is trying to take Ukraine.

@EmergenceKirk @KpsZSU @nolanwpeterson @Ukraine History lesson for you 1812, US was closed to being wiped out. Primary backers during the rebellion France, Spain and Netherlands were all weak. You were saved by war weariness of the British. Liked what they did to the white-house though!

@BadWWIITakes The BS about Ukraine aside, they're not entirely wrong. Many British and American banks were sympathetic towards Hitler and helped Nazi Germany on issues like taking over Czechoslovakian funds. It was only with their loss of assets in France that they finally drew a line.

The #UK wants to follow Canada's example and confiscate Russian assets in its country to transfer them to Ukraine British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced this.

@My_new_username @JanisMelderis74 @Ginger_Breadley @oleksiireznikov @SecDef Btw, I don't support neither the invasion of Ukraine nor NATO nor colonialism. I just believe we need to look at our history to learn from them to not repeat it and really reach full peace and a better world. It's quite scary for me to read usians and british talking about (+)

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