Brimstone - Ukraine Tweets

@JamesHenry2019 @edwardkeyjf @Andy__CV97 That’s not really practical for the sorts of things that helicopters are good at. Picture this thing at war in Ukraine. Without comms how does it know whose BTRs it is about to engage? You could designate a kill box for military targets but then you could just use Brimstone.

@MartinF44912253 @Gerashchenko_en They can be equipped with Storm Shadow and Brimstone. Typhoons would be ideal for Ukraine.

@thinkdefence Maybe not a terrible ide. UK has already promised Brimstone to Ukraine. Will these be ground-lauched?

Britain sending 600 more Brimstone missiles to Ukraine and challenger tanks. Nice one Ben Wallace-the only person in out government who is doing their job. via @ukdefjournal

@mhmck Hopefully there are more good stuff coming for #Ukraine. Yesterday was already good in that respect. For one #Brimstone and Denmark sending all their artillery! Also it’s time for a sandwich in #Kherson region very soon. All those RU bunkers …

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