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🏴‍☠️ Literally everything he says is a lie. Brexit, the OBR, vaccines, Ukraine, cost of living crisis, EU regulation.. He just spews them out like a lie-robot, programmed to make stuff up and talk shit because that’s what inadequate dogmatists do when…

Let's get this right: For the remainers, the ideals of sovereignty and freedom are not worth the (alleged) economic cost of #Brexit. But to support #Ukraine's sovereignty and freedom, they are prepared to see economies wrecked and people impoverished across UK and W. Europe.

@HydeDefinition @TheStudyofWar @criticalthreats I supported Brexit before,so I still support Boris. Actually without Joe Biden, I stand middle part between Ukraine and Russia. I am a Manchurian, for us both of them are parts of Tsarist Russia .

One slight issue: Brexit can’t work. This is damage limitation….. Workers will be £472 worse off each year by 2030 due to Brexit We are set to have the lowest growth in the G7 next year. All countries have been through the war in Ukraine and COVID, but only one has had Brexit.

@pondlifetwit @snb19692 Correct, until the Tories are turfed out, nothing can be done. And the Brexiteers need to see that they can’t blame Covid or Ukraine for the economic downturn. They need to see that Brexit has had a negative effect on the UK. At the minute, the Tories are spinning their yarns.

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