Brandenburg - Ukraine Tweets

@EndTheEU @PracKapital As a matter of interest, what's the line you let Russia advance to before you say "okay it's time for a nuclear standoff"? If avoiding a nuclear standoff is your goal, do you let them take all of Ukraine? Poland? The Brandenburg gate? Where's the line?

@FizicsMcManus @sbbmuud @sf_anastasia @POTUS I was there when the Brandenburg gate was opened so what? To you the Berlin Wall coming down was a bad thing, fascism is good, and Russia’s attack on Ukraine with tens of thousands killed and millions displaced was justified. You certainly do know your fascism.

@GeoffBrown82 Maybe we should drop the Tesla factory in Brandenburg and replace it with a drone factory for Ukraine. His stock rate dropped almost 3% in one day, and so will the sales of his cars, I guess.

@ennolenze @miajankowicz Wow. That's right behind the Brandenburg gate. That's a helluva spot. Every building in sight is flying the Ukraine flag.

@40PercentGerman Ukraine is going on in Brandenburg.. Russian friendly sentiments.

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