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@MSteitz468 @MarioZlatkov @IncognitoMeems @LindseyGrahamSC The US has also sent armoured fighting vehicles such as the Stryker and the Bradley. In addition, the US and UK have sent Ukraine long-range missile systems such as Himars and the M142, which have been striking targets behind Russia's front lines.

Tired of "what-you-call-pessimistic" tweets of mine? 🤣 Ukraine will be getting hundreds of Bradley. Just like we get MRAP's right now. Next year.

@promodkumar1994 @WeLoveNATO They are ‘losing’ 1000 soldiers a day, completely unsustainable. Add to that they are running out of tanks and desperately pulling ancient crap out of storage, at the same moment Ukraine is receiving 300+ NATO tanks plus 200+ Bradley or similar …

@TenryuuPuppy @NCrosshair @squatsons Ukraine will choose when and where to launch its offensive - so will attack the weaker points in the line. T72s are no match for western tanks, and there is simply insufficient mass of the other types (T80/90). Remember Marder and Bradley have significant AT capability.

Russian ruthless attack on Bakhmut: Ukrainians fight back on old equipment while waiting for Bradley #Russia #Ukraine #Britain #America #UkraineWar

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