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NATO is behaving as weak, forcing Ukraine to fight with a hand tied behind its back Ukraine needs planes and long range weapons and plenty of ammo to turn tables in the East Boris Johnson declares Ukraine must prevail in Russia conflict via @yahooNewsUK

@BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon @scotgov Boris Johnson Ukraine life matter we accepted but why the life of indigenous people of Biafra doesn't matter to British ? If you can be sincere to your citizens how many Ukraine killing by Russia and how many indigenous people of Biafra killing by fulani jihad back by British..?

I disagree with Keir Starmer's @Keir_Starmer plan. It's not even #Tory lite, it's the Tory plan! Boris Johnson says the same words! Britain should join the European single market. Ukraine has a special relationship with the EU. Britain should aim for something like this.

@hudik_tomas @Carolin59482868 @NikaMelkozerova Uk is sliding slowly into a fascist state because of Boris Johnson. We need to kick him out. Ukraine is always going to get support from any Uk prime minister.

Ukraine War | Boris Johnson updates on Ukraine, G7 an NATO summits via @YouTube

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