Boris - Ukraine Tweets

@Difur787 @BorisJohnson He gave Ukraine the most weapons. Not a very good Russian bitch ay?? Boris takes money from no man, Russian or other. He is a true British hero!

@BorisJohnson @OxUkraineSummit Thank you Boris for the constant support of Ukraine #ukrainemustwin 🇺🇦

@BorisJohnson @OxUkraineSummit Boris, we need you, Ukraine needs you. Britain is supposed to be a fair and civilised country, but next week, when the world is watching, it will seem more like a banana republic. Our thoughts and love will be with you when you face that dreadful committee 😔

@BorisJohnson @OxUkraineSummit Love your passion and unwavering support for Ukraine, Boris ❤️ #ukrainemustwin 🇺🇦

@BorisJohnson @OxUkraineSummit Absolutely spot on Boris - Ukraine must win and we must stop Putin’s illegal aggressive war. Bravo!

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