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How come Boris can give billions to Ukraine but needs to borrow billions to fund inadequate UK public services? Or are we just dumping everything on the credit card?

@KoprivicaBoris @VolodymyrDotCom Speaking from the US Boris we love Ukraine see them as human - not you. You have an economy smaller than one of our States. We love Ukraine always will they are good you are evil NO one likes evil. Your leaders are liars Army thieves rapists murderers of kids disgusting

@KoprivicaBoris @VolodymyrDotCom A Boris Russia started it no one invaded you. And you are finished. Afghanistan broke up the USSR Ukraine will break up Russia. You are North Korea already your influence your welcome your what reputation you had are destroyed. You are the Nazis of this century Ukraine the heroes

@HydeDefinition @TheStudyofWar @criticalthreats I supported Brexit before,so I still support Boris. Actually without Joe Biden, I stand middle part between Ukraine and Russia. I am a Manchurian, for us both of them are parts of Tsarist Russia .

@AugustusMJu @TheStudyofWar @criticalthreats No, Boris is a flag blowing in the wind. Today, the wind blows from Ukraine. Yesterday the wind blew from Russia. Tomorrow the wind may blow from Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Will you still like Boris then?

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