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@uninspiredcup @Maks_NAFO_FELLA 2. RTX crypto Blockchain has accounts that doesn't have entries of its customers' transactions. They have used its customers money to fund democratic political campaigns. Biden and his administration then donates to Ukraine for their war effort. Ukraine then sponsors RTX, 2/3

@EowynChen What do you think? Blockchain without borders? Or would it not be bad to react to Russian shelling of Ukraine? They listen to you - and you are silent! or blockchain is out of politics?

@CriscoWild @anna_sky9 @cryptOhGaga @AMC_Apee Well, FTX is a Blockchain company, and those are publicly auditable. Anyone can go and snoop around FTX's Ukraine wallet transaction history and find out the truth. News flash: you will not see any wallet connected to Ukraine sending money INTO FTX's system.

@PDH_Metaverse Always glad to see great strides in carbon footprint management using Blockchain technology 🙌 The question now is if the 11.3% CAGR for that market is still tenable considering there's still no end in sight for the Russia-Ukraine war. What do you think?

6/ - Hungary and Thailand are set to test Blockchain technology. - Team Finance hacker returned $13.4 Million stolen to the project. - Chiliz ( $CHZ ) kicks off the race ahead of the 2022 World Cup. - Ukraine, Indonesia, and Russia led crypto adoption in Q3.

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