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I support this reasons Ukraine acquires more prime farmland No Russia in Black Sea Ukraine borders Kazakhstan via Caspian Sea

Former CIA director David Petraeus warns that the US and its allies would DESTROY Russia's troops in Ukraine and sink its Black Sea fleet if Putin uses nuclear weapons - and radiation could drift into NATO countries

@sullydish Yes. NATO has the ability to obliterate Russia’s ground forces in Ukraine and it’s Black Sea force with conventional weapons. Why should we risk a nuclear Holocaust if Putin drops a low yield nuke on Ukraine? It should be clear the response will be devastating, ok to say no nukes

@mtracey That argument loses all credibility when considering that we’re threatening specifically to destroy Russia’s military in Ukraine, including Crimea, and its Black Sea fleet if it uses nuclear weapons. Apparently, we’re not much afraid of “blackmail” by anyone.

@KimDotcom Russia knows if they ever launched a nuke. Every Russian position in Ukraine will be hit and their entire Black Sea fleet will be sunk.

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