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Remember all this stupid #crypto “revolutionaries” asking Bitcoin to send to Ukraine 🇺🇦 ? Where are these people when comes about Syria 🇸🇾? Hey @VitalikButerin @100trillionUSD Syria is doesn’t with ETH or BTC? Only Ukraine?

@MarkGerretsen So the last 5 years every currency stored in #Bitcoin has increased over 200% in 'purchasing power,' while the $$ itself declined in purchasing power 10-25%? And Central banks are printing new money for Ukraine and COVID money laundering schemes, in Canada, US, UK and Europe...

#Russia Both are a enemy of each other country but seems they both are enemy of #USD and regulating #Bitcoin together. World are going to begin world war, but #Bitcoin are only thing who stops them#artist #nftart #Communism #Artworks #Ukraine #Bitcoin #bitcoinprice

this is a new type of president who remains on the ground with the troops I’m sure he’s using Bitcoin over gold …. The Russians can take Ukraine’s gold but not your keys 🔑 not your #Bitcoin

Ukraine legalizes cryptocurrencies like #Bitcoin after Zelensky signs virtual assets bill into law.

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