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@ConsPatriots He didn’t. The entire 2020 election was nothing more than a corrupt lie! Trump was getting too close to uncovering major Government corruption and they couldn’t allow him to get a second term. Including the BioLabs in Ukraine, that’s why Trump’s call with Zalenski scared them!

@ricwe123 They need new planes the infamous "Ghost of Kiev" that western media told us about early on in this war between noble Ukraine and the evil Russians. Maybe they managed to clone him in one of the many US run Bio-labs in the Ukraine.

@MadeInTheUSANJ @RepBoebert She is an American hero!! And I wonder what she thinks of the 2nd Amendment? They violated her 1st Amendment. You seem to have an interest in Ukraine, what do you know about the Ukrainian people living near the Bio-Labs?

Too bad we gave so much money to crooked Ukraine to cover up the Biden family involvement with Burisma and illegal Biolabs. The people of Turkey and Syria need help after the earthquake. @JoJoFromJerz

@MagdaGorczyca @Klitschko Why are you so annoyed ? What because I don't believe the propaganda? Everyone on this earth has the right to believe what they want , unfortunately propaganda doesn't ask the right questions . Biolabs are a concern in Ukraine as well as slavery and human trafficking .

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