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@RicciGeri Who said anyone saw it over Pacific? What if it was a US balloon that was flown out of Alaska. - Media Stopped talking about Classified docs. In Bidens home, docs in garage, Hunters laptop, Hunters ownership of chemical bioweapon lab in Ukraine. And, it worked.

@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Very proud of President Biden's continued support of Ukraine. Let's do all we can! 🇺🇲🇺🇦

@SpeakerPelosi @POTUS United States don't need to be in Ukraine, and furthermore American people know for a fact that the Bidens are profiting off it just like you violated your own rules

@DonLePage4 @BFOA17 @JoeBiden @TonyD1798 @KamalaHarris Actual reality, not your fantasy delusions. EVERY bad thing happening right now is Biden's fault, not that of Ukraine, or Putin, or President Trump.

@BillFOXLA Biden can fund Ukraine’s war, but not US southern border. Biden’s just a poor delegator with mixed up priorities.

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