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China, Ukraine top list of Biden’s 2023 foreign policy challenges

@ishta666 @PeterSweden7 Disagree Putin says he has evidence the US Dems and Fauci planned and unleashed covid to steal election. He is dropping names now. He even said Bidens were involved also in Ukraine. Things are going to be exposed

@DonCam88 @TheBrettCarroll @cnnbrk As if hunters job was a secret. There is more at stake than the Biden's bank roll. Washington has been provoking Russia with Ukraine for over 2 decades.

@PeterSweden7 Putin has evidence that the Democrat party and yes Putin were behind unleashing covid to steal the election. Also that the Bidens were part of the whole thing sending money to Ukraine. It is pure evil and these monsters need to pay!

@umc_riverside @drsimonegold @MattWallace888 Wait till you realize covid was created by the Democrat party. The US is going to be pissed. Oh yes Fauci and the Bidens. That is why they keep sending Ukraine money. All of them are going down for crimes against humanity and I cannot wait!

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