Bidens - Ukraine Tweets

@TheEconomist Don't you mean Biden's proxy war in Ukraine? The war that started because Biden goaded Putin into invading Ukraine! Did you guys forget that US Intel "leaked" to China who "leaked" to Russia that Ukraine was soon to be admitted to NATO? A red line for Putin!

"The more they try to hide the evidence the more we suspect their guilt." A familiar old phrase, but easy to apply to half-a-dozen scandals today. Covid data? Border invasion? J6 videos & gulag? Biden's business? Ukraine funding? Arizona election? Just simplify, open up the data.

@RepBost Credit sucks. Give them free help like you do for Ukraine. And... What the HELL!!!! LOCK UP ALL THE BIDENS!

@rita_washko @ChuckCallesto Sad you support the Biden's using tax payer money to sell out Americans to make millions. China, Ukraine, Russia, and how many others??

Trump suggests providing tanks to Ukraine will lead to 'nukes' and says ending the war with Russia would be 'easy' I trust Trump judgment on this war way more than Bidens. With no plan, no accounting there is no reason to end this war,it must stop, lets end our border war

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