Bidens - Ukraine Tweets

Biden’s approval was still close to 46-48 after Afghanistan. Delta hurt it more, then inflation and Ukraine raising gas prices. Don’t think Afghanistan or Covid have any effect on it now.

@zackerigi @puffshepuff @renato_mariotti @ReallyAmerican1 Did Biden make Putin invade Ukraine? Did he create Covid? This is a worldwide recession. It isn’t Biden’s recession. Open your eyes and stop with the Fox News talking points!

@danhill2011 @CWILLIS11 Not for a second. Four politician sons sit on boards of gas companies in Ukraine. We have a bunch of gain of function and other labs in Ukraine. The Bidens are in so deep all the Chinese have to do is snap their fingers.

@Jerrykalin1 @Edrouant @jaketapper No one is saying Bidens stance on Russia and Ukraine is wrong. In the whole scheme of everything Griners situation is meaningless. It’s not like we’re gonna abandon Ukraine or kiss Putins ass to get her out.

@SmoothCat @stonesshows @DianeL139 @ChristopherJM Hey "Big Daddy", how about you volunteer to go fight Biden's proxy war in Ukraine? After that be the first in line to signup for the next proxy "regime change" war with China & Taiwan. Weren't paying attention at all during the last 80 "regime change" hybrid wars?

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