Biden - Ukraine Tweets

Tell that pompous ass to shut up, President Biden didn't force evil monster Putin to do anything. Trump would have handed the Ukraine to Russia and will hand the Divided States of America to Russia given a chance.

@RepAndyBiggsAZ 1. The war was started by Trump’s best friend Putin years ago. What did Trump & Biggs do about it? Nothing. They failed! 2. The training of Ukrainian soldiers will not be done in Ukraine. 3. Trump almost destroyed NATO. Biden strengthened it.

@RitchieTorres What? Your favorite President Biden lies on a daily basis. Sending tanks to Ukraine is World War III. I would never send the tanks. My son has ties to China and Ukraine. We money launder.

@BradfordGrands1 @Lolabean41 @TheRichFromCali Yeah right, if you didn’t say, you’re so obvious. There you go jumping to his defence. All you have is conjecture. Everything you’ve just said is projection. Priceless. He was on recording demanding a quid pro quo, withholding funds to Ukraine for dirt on Biden.

@POTUS Biden is playing with fire, and he wants “to grill” American citizens, because the disastrous nuclear hell he is causing will not have Ukraine as a backdrop but American soil.

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