Biden - Ukraine Tweets

@MiaFarrow Ukrainian flag alert Meanwhile the Biden administration is sending billions of our tax$ to Ukraine to do what. Buy guns, very big guns that will kill thousands of Ukrainians and Russians. Your words are meaningless dribble

@CBSNews Poor kid she needs a president that would be there to negotiate for her removal. Biden doesn’t care about her safety he just wants to pay billions to Ukraine

@TheInsiderPaper too bad bot boy Biden is too busy saving Ukraine!!!

@tigrizz901 @hugolowell @MeidasTouch Right… they are so dumb. No wait those that voted for Biden are the dumb ones and there is proof of that: the economy, the cost of oil/gas, the border, Afghanistan, Ukraine, crime rate, etc

@BuzzPatterson @espn I'm afraid she will have a very long wait to get out of Russia with Biden prolonging the war in Ukraine to distract from his disastrous domestic failures

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