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@Codknocker2001 @bejore444 @JonahTillman6 @BetoORourke @CalltoActivism Last post: I proved gas prices are down with photographic evidence, I proved we have benefited under Biden and that you stand with Ukraine (points to you there.) Be happy I gave you the attention you wanted, it was sad to see that nobody wanted to play with you through your feed.

Biden thinks Ukraine is a US state as this point sending Billions while Floridians suffer

@FactsOverBS You are against of war? Do you think Ukraine 🇺🇦 defense is something wrong? Why not blame Putin for the all destruction that is caused to innocent people and stop blaming Biden for help Ukraine to defend their country their family?

@nytimes Ukraine is a live testing ground for our developmental weapons & our military has carte blanche to supply & test under live situations. Of the billions of $ being sent to Ukraine, is some going where it shouldn’t? Of course, history tells us so. But that doesn’t matter to Biden.

@elonmusk Pleasantly surprised by polling results of over 2.5M people. Great to see that almost half the respondents can actually think for themselves, objectively evaluate the situation in #Ukraine and not follow the #Biden rhetoric! #TuckerCarlson @TuckerCarlson #FoxNews #Russia #Musk

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