Berlin Wall - Ukraine Tweets

@DianaHarding7 Russia might not have invaded Ukraine if EU had stuck to no expansion East, which they agreed after Berlin Wall came down, also talking Ukraine into giving up its nuclear capacity hasn’t helped it either.

Reagan is rolling in his grave. He said “Mr. Khrushchev, tear down this wall”––the Berlin Wall. His GOP opposed Russian dictators and was fiercely anti Soviet Union. The GOP of McCarthy, @Jim_Jordan, Gosar, MTG, Gaetz, etc. want to give Ukraine to war-crimes Putin.

@danushman @Empalla66 @khakicat @JackPosobiec He basically wants the Warsaw Pact back, status quo ante fall of Berlin Wall. He STILL wants that, Ukraine is evidence of what he will do to get it. He likely underestimated the cost, but he’s not backing down from taking Ukraine. Back down? Nope. Never. Wrong signal.

Shit show is a polite way of putting it. No Putin fan but he was in a no win position. With NATO threatening to move into Ukraine, he had no choice but to defend Russian severenty. The US promised Putin they would not move eastward after Berlin Wall fell. They lied.

Everyone dumping on German decision not to send leopards to Ukraine which would allow it to win But note US also not sending Abrams either. For same reasons imho: afraid of russian escalation, full mobilisation & wwiii. Unfortunately this makes Berlin Wall soln more likely

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