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@elonmusk Not so unlikely when Russia has the strongest position with their star wars nuclear bombs that they can put in orbit and drop them any place on earth .Maybe not for Ukraine but for London , Berlin. Paris , New York city and Washington D.C. China and Russia are partners on this

@DannyG_39 @FranaSram_ek @elonmusk every year, every month we see such news and laugh at them! Hitler and Napoleon also wanted to get Russia, in the end Russian Army was in Paris and Berlin. Dont be idiot and dont call to war against Empire! Ukraine tried. Now 9 mln of them are citizens of Russia. Free and safe.

@zdash12 @AcidReign10 @maxharris9 @DavidSacks If Putin is crazy enough to use nukes, he was going to use them sooner or later anyway to get what he wanted. Today it's Ukraine. Tomorrow it's Berlin, etc.

Best move for #Germany would be to assert its independence, get out from under US/EU/NATO shadow (which collectively is clearly working to undermine #Berlin) & reassert its energy-based relations with #Russia. In one swoop, the 'game' would change in Germany's favour. #Ukraine

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