Belgium - Ukraine Tweets

@svdate So you are saying you don’t understand history? Poland, Belgium, France, etc didn’t have over 50% of its population that sympathized with Germany like the Ukraine does because people don’t like Zelensky and his Nazi Azov battalion thugs.

@EzhmaarSul @TruthJustis4USA @LindseyGrahamSC Appeasement is never enough for a dictator Austria 38- Georgia 08 Sudetenland 38 - Crimea 14 Czech Rep 39- Donbass 15 Poland 39- Ukraine 22 Denmark- Norway- Netherlands- Luxembourg- Belgium- France- Greece- Yugoslavia- We’ve played this game before

Almost a year ago since this was made. It was part of the NFTPAINTERS group effort to raise funds for Save the Children Ukraine. It was exhibited in June at NFT Liverpool in 2022 and displayed in Belgium by @artcrushgallery . There are some editions left for 3 $XTZ. Link 👇

"The Netherlands and Belgium will hand over two minesweepers of the Alkmaar type to Ukraine" — the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands

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