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@andthetreestoo @betelgeuse1922 You're not going to trick me into defending the conduct of Russian soldiers, silly I meant there is much worse than Ukraine submitting to Russia; giving Russia everything it wants to stop the war (Even if that means becoming like Belarus) None of this happens in Belarus, right?

▶️ Ukraine’s armed forced conducted military drills Friday in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, next to the border with Belarus. 👉Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Meets with European Leaders

@AlexandruC4 When does Ukraine start targeting Russian military installations and airports in Belarus that are being used to launch attacks against them?

U.S. supports blocking Russia and Belarus from 2024 Olympics as war rages in Ukraine via @politico

What role will Belarus play in Russia's next military offensive? | DW News ##ulraine_war ##putin ##war_footage ##war ##Ukraine ##Ukrainewillwin '

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