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@wallacemick Bang on about unjust wars. We all know that. Condemn the nazis in Ukraine. Stop with ur so called caring SPEECHES and condemn zelensky and his azov well documented nazi army.

Bang ,fancy a bit of Ukraine worries ,don’t mess with a Biden .What’s that XI you need me to take care of Russia ….leave it with me .And by the way please don’t tell anyone about our dealings . Oh give over Biden you plick just hurry up .Ok Xi

@CTVNews Bang those drums: COVID, Ukraine, Climate Change, rinse and repeat the cycle of good propaganda.

Listening to sound of Grad Rocket launcher on #r4today report by Jeremy Bowen form #Ukraine. They've a very distinctive sound 1st used by USSR during WW2. You definitely want to be on whoosh end rather then when up to 40 rockets fired at 2 rounds a second arrive & go bang.

She also just had to push xenophobia. Sovreignty. Attack immigrants. Deportation. Talk up Brexit which hasn't been delivered. Talk up the support given to Ukraine and talk of the villain Putin. Bang on about the help given to cushion energy bills.

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