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@jerry_isabelle @HarryJamesBooks @SirLordBebo @GonzaloLira1968 And Russia can't talk about Nazism, it has its own Nazis. Ukraine has an interest in Bandera due to his Ukrainian independence stance. Ukraine has a far lower percentage of far right political groups than most other European nations

@georgecowboy1 Unprovable now. Maybe Ukraine didn't do everything possible to avoid it, or maybe Russia never intended otherwise and Bandera is just a convenient excuse to cover up neo-Soviet imperialism. Or this is how Russia "wins" - by making Ukraine into the Banderastan of their propaganda

@ruth_deyermond @pauloCanning Lol. The same Ukraine that put up Bandera monuments for 8 years? The same Ukraine that had Azov embedded into Govt? The same Ukraine that has elements killing LGBT and Roma? And wasn't John Peel into young girls?

@TaylorSansom135 @domestic415 Like Afghanistan, Ukraine is a money laundering operation. Also heavily infested in human trafficking. Look up Azov, Right Sector, and Bandera. But go ahead, display your Ukraine flag profile pic while civilians pay the price for (Z)elensky, the puppet cross-dressing coke-head.

@viuk_o @xXSyllasXx @mdfzeh If you'd know history of Ukraine a bit, you would know that it never really existed. It is Russian, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian history for the most part that matters. Your national hero Bandera is from Austria and lived in Poland, no wonder so many of hohols went to Poland.

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