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@davidhogg111 Poland isn't after Ukraine, Poland is after the Baltics, which are after Moldova, which is after Ukraine. There's a clear order of operations here and Russian state TV has laid all of this out.

@postpoststruct @socialistboomer @JAnclam @mtracey What NATO expansion? The one he gave his blessing to in the Baltics? The one he is currently not challenging in Finland (in fact, he pulled Russian soldiers off the border with Finland to fight in Ukraine because he knows NATO is not threatening him)? The one he tried to join?

@srecniprinc People in that thread are arguing for the necessity of ethnically cleansing Russians from Ukraine and the Baltics. Bleh.

@GTessellated @getradified @davidhogg111 that's an objective fact, the destruction of the USSR sent millions into starvation and suicide, including Russians. out of all the Soviet countries only the Baltics have improved or kept their life quality somewhat while Ukraine and the others have accomplished nothing in 30y

@realDonJTru1 Every dollar sent to Ukraine now is 10 dollars saved for the USA in the long run. If Russia takes Ukraine, they will attack the Baltics next time and then there will be a war with NATO and the USA will be attacked too. Ukraine fights also for you.

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