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@timburchett It must be killing you to see Russia lose to Ukraine rather than advance to the borders of our NATO Allies in the Baltics & Poland.

So Ron and Trump say wait it out Putin help us out! 2024 have Ukraine, have the Baltics, have Poland. Now Pilots from Russia deliberately collides with Drone! He Putin can not make it to 2024! He needs more Florida and red States Pension $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to buy mote Iran Drones!

@Melicen50455091 @penguin_runaway @WezcieJanusza @Feynou @chasedood @runews Orcs: " 😭 BLAME NATO! 😭" Also Orcs: "If we are talking about that gene, this code cannot be gotten rid of, then of course we are an imperial nation...we deny Ukraine the right to sovereignty...and we deny sovereignty to the Baltics and to everyone else.

@RicciGeri Are you really that stupid? Russia's goal is to recapture all of Eastern Europe. Ukraine is willing to defend itself and all they are asking for is guns & bullets. If they lose then it will be NATO troops on the ground in Poland or the Baltics. Try and see past your own nose

@Col_JONeill @Tom_EV_Driver @blackintheempir Interest in Ukraine other than to create instability and Chaos by funding a Nazi Regime , who’s prescience is a security risk for Europe the Baltic’s and the Middle East

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