Balkans - Ukraine Tweets

Russians cannot even hold against the Ukrainian army but they muse about Poland and the Balkans? How entertaining. #Ukraine

@KennethFCrowe1 Nobody cares America is dead Korea Vietnam South America Balkans Iraq Afghanistan Ukraine Ethiopia Taiwan Too many wars for profit GAME OVER

Bad move @BankofAmerica. This is a sad thing to see in America. Better suited for the Balkans, or maybe that blood feud of Ukraine/Russia. You get an "F" grade for America 101.

America is strong great and free because of our base valued of equality. Democrats want to bring back segregation and racism. Look what the crap as done for Ukraine/Russia, the Balkans, tribes in Africa.

@JuliaDavisNews These fucking clowns can’t cross a street in Ukraine and he’s talking about Poland and the Balkans. We Western taxpayers are laughing at Russia every day

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