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The UK can, and should, influence events in the Balkans. Historically, British support for Serbia and Greece against Bulgaria has allowed the Moskalis to get their puppets strong, however. What the UK can do now is to support Ukraine and BiH to the maximum.

@CatoMinor3 @MaxBlumenthal Tsars or Bolcheviques yes. Post soviet Russia was placid & even pro-west until U.S & Nato wrecked the Balkans, Libya, Afghanistan. Then came the U.S coup in Ukraine in 2014, slaughter of ethnic Russians, the threat of Nato armour 300 miles from Moscow. No equivalence whatsoever.

@thedawnshadow @Ukraine If we think like that, then NATO does the same shit. NATO did the same shit to the Balkans. And no one said anything. The double standard is killing me.

@partnersinswine @POTUS The U.S. sending aide to Ukraine will prevent Putie from taking over Ukraine, the Balkans, our allies in Europe and beyond.....because it's all on his bucket list.. Would you want to live under Putin's authoritarian rule? Not me

@FinisCoronatO @NikaMelkozerova Putz. Germany sold out its national security for cheap gas. Ukraine took a *tiny* cut from Russia selling gas to mostly the Balkans. How is this the same? Your moral equivalence is bullsh*t, but no "Ukraine is just as bad!" Go take a flying F.

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