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@thehill Zalensky was fighting Russians in the Donbass? What's your source? #UkraineSaid? It wasn't a withdrawal; it was a clusterfuk of surrenders & desertions & 1000s of Ukraine soldiers fleeing for their lives. Azov shoots anyone who speaks of surrender or retreat. #BBC #NPR

Has everyone noticed how the main stream media were quick to show black dead bodies in Morocco trying to cross to Spain but they have not shown thousands of dead white bodies in the fight between Ukraine and Russia? SMH 😲🤦🏾‍♂️ @CNN @BBC @SkyNews @AlJazeera @rtnews @africanews

@_britmonkey The Russia ukraine war is not black and white as your genocidal government would like you to believe, It seems you continue to display a CNN or BBC pundit level of understanding of politics. Ukraine caused the war just as much as the Russians.

@SmalleyDa @imetatronink The BBC could only find 5,000 Russian graves in all of Russia from the SMO. Zelinsky admitted Ukraine was losing 100-600 men a day. Math must be hard.

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