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@kookycatgirl @maxrw55 @100gnomes_ @sharzd19 @halaIboy @KnowNothingTV @911day @ceggersmidwest @FOXSports @Sept11Memorial Hmmmmmm, didn’t see a single mention of the Azov regiment in this thread. In fact, all I see is the Ukraine flag, which the tweet above baselessly, almost idiotically, broadly refers as “Nazis”. Context is important.

@realmasch1na @archie_wrist @WrongThought84 @disclosetv Wars bad.. But do you know ukraine has the most amount of bio labs with heavy investment from the US? Do you also know that Azov battalion in Ukraine is basically nazis, just look it up. Lastly do you know Ukraine is the MOST corrupt country in the world? Read the news before war

@Marcin42657129 @BienerVilmos @joshuachong360 @brainiac3397 @talexratcliffe @ArmchairW I'm just telling you how it is... I don't like the way things ended and was supporting Ukraine until Azov murdered civilians trying to leave Mariupol.

@WeebCallSamwise @Vladthe40185434 @WinstonTexas @CreditKing6 @tom_mallory @toddstarnes The presence of AZOV (neo-nazis) justifies it to Russia. The fact that the government of Ukraine supplies and supports the NAZIS justifies it to Russia.

@DavidB801 @rememberthe702 @kyrylkov @ZiGanWu007 @apmassaro3 idiot, in Ukraine streets named after nazis , they even have street named after Waffen-SS Division "Galicia" it is supported on GOVERNMENT Level and even USA confirmed that AZOV part of Ukrainian forces are nazis , yet you bleating "but in russia , russia " 🤦🤦‍♂️

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