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@Negev_Chan @halomancer1 don't get the relevance there the national guard of Ukraine uploaded videos of an Azov guy greasing bullets with pig lard for the "kadyrov orcs". americans ate it up so i just find it strange you've never heard of it and it didn't influence you in any way

@enjoyhifi @dh77_david @thetimes US NATO don't give a 💩 about Ukrainians or Ukraine, Lindsey Graham, said they will give Ukraine weapons and fund the crisis to the last Ukrainian... Well most Ukrainians are heading to Russia... And Azov using HIMARS to take out Ukrainian POW tell me about bad Russia?

@Barsei2 @rmannimg @JohnPokerBrown @AVindman @ForeignAffairs Far-right ideas have never been popular in Ukraine, a country where most people miss Socialism and the Soviet Union. Although they lack support from the population, they get plenty from the CIA and NATO, which fund and trains Neo-Nazi extremists like the Azov battalion.

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