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@JOHNADA58145113 @DC_Draino Biden is not selling, but giving the AZOV NAZI Ukraine military billions of dollars and sending them TANKS!

@OlenaHalushka You have to specify that these houses, according to locals, in most cases were destroyed and shot at by Ukraine forces and Azov battalion. But people there already have brand homes, whole new blocks of buildings built by Russia and they will rebuild the town totally.

@LucTaillefer2 @MaximeBernier Zelensky has been allowing the killing Russian born Ukrainian citizens and the country has a Nazi problem with an entire Nazi Battalion within Ukraine's army that call themselves Azov.

@rammstein_fella Blow up the Antonovshy Bridge, evacuate Mariupol & don't let Azov get surrounded in the steel plant, Evacuate places like Bucha & Irpin, trust Western Intelligence. Ukraine's true friends will become very apparent.

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