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@Reuters Ukraine should sign the peace agreements. More Ukrainians will die. Russia will still win. They are not asking much, just recognize Donbas, rid of Nazis such as Azov within your military, neutrality

#Ukraine #Bandera WAS a Mass Murderer and a #NAZI. It isn’t like #NATO #USA #UK don’t know this but they seem to want to rewrite history and turn this abomination and his followers like #Azov and #Aidar into heroes. Your United Nations votes reveal your true ideology.

@BBCWorld Driven by AZOV, Dnepr and other Bandera syle fascists, Ukraine shelled its own hated people in the East since 2014. Attacks on Russian soil are part of their difficult-to-realize fantasy of a Europe in flames and a "new World order". Feed these maniacs with arms at your peril.

@KyivIndependent Mmmmm. Better just send the bill to NATO. They caused this mess together with a compliant Zelenskyy & his Azov shakedown gang. In any case, Ukraine can just stay the hell away from Donbas. 8 years of Azov shelling the region is hopefully over. UN says 14,000 deaths since 2014!

@ArtValley818_ He needs to call back the Azov battalion Nazis here posing as Patriot 💩 Front. We can thank this corrupt regime in DC and all the morons funding the Nazis filled Ukraine. 😡

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