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E@EdwinsCLE founder @Chrostowski4CLE celebrated his birthday this week by traveling to Ukraine, where he cooked and served food, delivered seeds, produce, and supplies, and learned he's been nominated for a @beardfoundation Award.

@TimothyDSnyder Congratulations - for all the years of hard work with so many, now shedding light on/in Ukraine and beyond. Well deserved Award & excellent public service.

The Commander of the Russian Forces in Ukraine (General Surovikin) gets an Award from President Putin. He is credited for turning around the performance of the Russian troops in Ukraine & crippling the morale of Ukrainians.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of our 2023 EURORDIS Member Award is… Orphan Diseases of Ukraine! 🇺🇦 This award recognises their ceaseless dedication to their community, even in the face of great adversity. Read more about their achievements: 👉

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