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@ridna_ua @_RobbieMoore serial numbers in the photo from the National Police of Ukraine of the Tochka-U missile that fell on 11.03.2022 in Avdiivka controlled by the AFU. The serial batch was already proven to come from ukrop inventory https://t.co/qfOuiEsWG4

◾The Armed Forces of Ukraine are forcibly taking residents out of Avdiivka. ◾ Those who do not want to leave their home are recorded as traitors and deprived of custody of their children (as in the case of the woman in the video). https://t.co/JEZhyZyeMs

At the moment, the most difficult operation 'to encircle #Avdiivka', is the priority task of the brigade on the way to the liberation of #Donbas in this direction. [END] #Russia #Ukraine 🇷🇺🇺🇦

Russia: Ukraine, The crew of the Kornet ATGM near Avdiivka hit the firing point of the swine crests🐷 and their dugout..06-02-2023 https://t.co/iLGfwlYHAV

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