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Only thing going on in Ukraine is Money Laundering N-A-Z-I Gen-o-Cidal Maniacs includes the USA and shamefully with Australian support

@GBNEWS @Nigel_Farage Your Australian guest doesn't seem to understand that the US neocons will use Australia as a battering ram against China, like they are using Ukraine. The only difference is Australia is a long long way away, a logistical nightmare.

@Melbourne4Wiki @POTUS He ignored our embassy stop saying Australian Citizen he ignored us so we ignore him just like the fool who got killed in Ukraine he represented himself not Australia he’s had 9yrs to sort it out we don’t know who he’s talking to but it’s not us, The majority are against him here

🤝🖼 During a working meeting with representatives of the Australian delegation on 10 March, @OlekKorn presented a children's drawing that symbolises the invincibility of Ukraine and the sincere desire of children to live in a peaceful country!

This is what happens when you send western soldiers (Australian and UK) to train soldiers for Ukraine. No wonder Russia is winning.

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