Assange - Ukraine Tweets

@AOC @laurapcd1 W/these follower numbers+appearances on Colbert,be nice if AOC championed Assange, helped Palestinians, tried2end wars Yemen+Ukraine b4 more deaths or Nuke annihilation. Spoke out re Dems sabotaging Green Party in primaries. But2corp media+ostrich Americans style over substance

@DarthPutinKGB @Cypher79C He'll be trolling Biden good style soon. By settling #Assange in Moscow post-Ukraine victory.

@NavyEMC @Soldier_Cynic @RepThomasMassie Amazing- zero responses to Massie's hypocrisy, which was my 1st point. During Bush he would've put a bounty on Assange. BTW, I went on @WikiLeaks & for some reason they have NOTHING on the invasion & war crimes being committed in Ukraine by their sugar daddy, Putin. How strange.

@HollaDems @HillaryClinton @TheDemocrats Jill Stein got Russia Today to video ASSange from London Ecuador Embassy to Green Convention. Coward Assange hid out in Ecuador Embassy to avoid arrest ASSange called Hillary "Gonorrhea" Russia Today is banned on YouTube since Putin invaded Ukraine

@PearsonElaine @SarahAshtonLV @wikileaks Julian Assange helped Putin put Trump in office. I don't know how you can support Ukraine and support Assange. Not to mention the cases against him for other crimes.

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