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@SaintFisi @OtakuPoliSan @SpiritofHo Except Ukraine isn’t part of the group committing mass genocide and trying to conquer all of Europe and Asia.

What North Korea is doing is not random. It is testing how "occupied" the US is with Ukraine and Europe. And, whether the US can still maintain a certain status quo globally, especially in Asia. This "testing" is something more US adversaries will do in the near future.

@ElbridgeColby Literally learning from #Ukraine here, and yet you keep saying Asia needs to be priority. Is it so difficult to admit the two can‘t be separated and this is not black and white? Taiwan‘s defense doesn‘t happen in a vacuum.

@Theresa97912839 @RSBNetwork Ha ha, Jay, I really wonder if it might not be some other causes. Virus? Ukraine Moore? Inflation that the Federal Reserve did nothing to stop? Supply chain problems in Asia and elsewhere? But why mention these things, they only get in the way of truth. Imagine that.

@FoxNews Russia tried to turn the war with Ukraine into a regional war. to turn a part of Asia and a much larger part of Europe into an opportunity for Russia. While the results prove something else. Certainly, the results will not be as Putin expected

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