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@blackintheempir They will keep this conflict going as long as they possibly can. If Russia is pinned down in Ukraine they cant assist the Chinese effectively when the US begins war in Asia. And Russia will need to take all of Ukraine.

@mattklewis Our border is a sieve. There's talk about declaring war on the cartels, which I presume means the use of deadly force. China is threatening in Asia. Iran and North Korea will exploit a distracted America. And you want to provide unltd aid to Ukraine. Anything else?

@taobanker Sorry, my wording was poor. That is, I was wondering : could the government have an easier time focusing on contagion risk in asia if peace in Ukraine is more probable, hence having less stuff to worry about???

Despite the War in Ukraine, the U.S. Pivot to Asia Is Accelerating

@AlboMP @JoeBiden The US wants to use Asia against China like it is using Ukraine against Russia today. They are very open about it even if the media never really asks questions of 'how many are you prepared to see die for US hegemony'. "setting the theatre" as you read.

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