Artsakh - Ukraine Tweets

Of course the cartoon is not correct. In Ukraine, the same horror happened, also with phosphorus & cluster munitions like in Artsakh. The only difference is how the press, which has a huge power & influence on people, reported. Press gets billions to not report about Armenians.

Turns out @DRovera of @amnesty wasn’t just irresponsible with the way she reported on Artsakh, but on Ukraine too

This government will do all sorts of unthinkable shit when it comes to Russia and Ukraine (this and the Bangladesh COVID vaccine shipment comes to mind) and then refuse to take a tougher stance on shit like Artsakh. Almost like we merely follow Washington's orders!

Azerbaijan, like Russia, is an occupant, because Russia occupies Ukraine, Azerbaijan occupies Artsakh and Armenia! Both occupants are going to be punished very hard!

@cavidaga @aniboghoss I think Azerbaijan likes the distraction of Iran and Ukraine so they can focus their attention on attacking Armenia again. Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh right when lockdown and pandemic were at its worse. The whole world distracted.

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